Isnin, 28 Februari 2011

Football or Presentation???

Tomorrow early morning, I'm sure that the Man U and Chelsea fans will be excited to see the match of the seasons between this two big club. For me, always and forever supporting my favorite team, The Reds...always glory and glory...hehehe

For The Blues fans, my advice is be prepared your mentality if you are loser on that morning (macam yakin je team aku boleh menang)...

That is my prediction

Venue: Stamford Bridge (away)
Date: 2 February 2011
Time:3.45am (Malaysia time)

Unluckily, I have two presentations on Wednesday. In the morning for my fyp and in evening for my class subject, Energy..Arghhhh!!Why this presentation must be on the same day with the match :( ...Maybe I'll be watching on the 2nd half of the game or just wake up in the morning and check the result. Which one is important,  football team or presentations that will determine your future???Of course my presentations maaaa......

I'm just finished prepared both of my presentations slide show right now. Feel a little bit tired since my brain is non-stop working for two hours continuously ( penat main bola lagi petang tadi)...So, need a rest for while before continue with other works  (jangan tetido sampai pagi bseok sudah..hehe)

Good Night for Everyone..Sleep well and have a sweet dreams.   :)

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me suya berkata...

football tu boleyh dolod je nt.. yg penting nk tau keputusan je pun.. hehehe nk analisis corak permainan, sila tunggu after presentation!heeeeeee

-apis- berkata...

baik cik suya!!=p

TAYAR PANCIT berkata...

hai saye da join awak :)

najwa's berkata...

gudmorning! :)

go glory MU!

-apis- berkata...

waaa..najwa fan MU gk!yess2!!hehehe