Sabtu, 25 Disember 2010

10 unusual buildings in the world

"Dancing" building? Twisted-shaped house? Hotels that look like UFOs from afar? As impossible as it may sound, these buildings actually exist! Let's we discover it around the world without any fly tickets =)

1. Wozoco Apartments (Amsterdam, Holland) 
It was built more than 55 years ago and it consists of 100 homes.
 2. The Crooked House (Sopot, Holland) 
Others call it as "Crazy House".
 3. Blur Building (Yverdon-les-Bainz, Switzerland) 
The primary building material is water from the lake. Water is pumped from the lake, filtered and shot as fine mist through high-pressure mist nozzles.
 4. The Dancing House (Praque, Czech Republic) 
Or called as 'drunk house'.
 5. Device to Root Out Evil (Vancouver, Canada) 
It was originally proposed to be installed at Stanford University, California but the proposal was rejected. Finally it bought over by a private foundation.

6. Reversible Destiny Lofts (Mitaka, Japan)
The colorful building 
 7. UFO Houses (Sanjhih, Taiwan)
Built in 1978 but the developer went bankrupt before project was completed. There had been rumours that the place was haunted.
 8. Wooden Gagster House (Archangelsk, Russia) 
The 13-floor wooden house is said to be the highest wooden building in the world.
 9. Le Palais Idéal a.k.a. Ideal Palace (Hauterives, France) 
Built in April 1979 and inspired by a stone.
10. Waldspirale Building (Darmstadt, Germany) 
The strange building consists of 1,000 windows, with none of them are of same shape.

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t dah bsar nak lah reka baggunan pelik gak,,,

aNnE berkata...

yg no 8 tu da macam hogwarts dah..hahaha

-apis- berkata...

boleh ja...nnt besar jd arkitek =p

zetty berkata...

love ideal palace n crazy house :DD hahah mcm haunted je

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people have a lot of crazy ideas =p

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wow.. ade jgk cmni ea..

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mesti la ada cik salwa..huhu

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suke yang xsiap plak ye.. hehe. XD

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2nd picture unik gler! =D

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yup..mmg menarik..tggu entry akan dtg pasal unusual hotel lak =)