Isnin, 10 Januari 2011

Unusual Hotels

On my previous entry is about unusual buildings in world . Now we look to unusual hotels in the world.
So if anybody planning their holidays and want something different and interesting in living you can go n try it..enjoy :)

This unusual hotel is only built during the winter every year and it begins to melt in spring. To prevent this hotel from melting, a total of 21,500 cubic meters of “snis”, a combination of snow and ice, is used. This is 62-room hotel has various suites such as the deluxe suites and the arts suites. Right next to the hotel is a church, also made from ice and it opens on Christmas day. Approximately 150 couples have their wedding there each year. There is also an ICEBAR that serves drinks in glasses made of ice.
Please prepare thick sweater if u can't stand with cold..hehe

Hotel Palafitte, Switzerland 
This hotel consists of 40 units called pavilions, of which 24 are built above Lake Neuch√Ętel. These units are somewhat like a small bungalow and comes with a balcony, a Jacuzzi, a mini-bar and nespresso coffee machine. Some of the hotel’s eco-friendly features include collecting rainwater to flush the toilets and generating electricity through solar panels.
The best place to calm and relax your mind.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey
If you enjoy holidays that offer a more natural setting, then there is the Gamirasu Cave at Cappadocia, Turkey. Gamirasu used to be a Byzantine monastic over 1,000 years ago. Monks carved 30 rooms out of the soft volcano rocks called “Tufa”. The room’s temperature is kept at approximately 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
No clear view inside the hotel. Looks like haunted.

Queen Mary Hotel, USA
Queen Mary is actually a ship liner that was converted to become the largest and the fastest troopship of the era. The ship used to carry as many as 15,000 soldiers during World War II. 
You can imagine like in Titanic if you was there.

Palace of Salt Hotel, Bolivia
Salt is something that we consume on a daily basis. Now, humans have found a new use for it; to build a hotel. This hotel has one rule though − visitors and guests are not allowed to lick the walls! This ‘Palace of Salt’ also has a sauna, saltwater pool, steam room and whirlpool.
No need to worry for cooking. Just pick up from the wall..haha


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